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I desperately want to redecorate our apartment.  I want to refinish our coffee table – which isn’t very old, but is quite beat up.  (Thanks, cats.)  I want to create a collage of artwork above our living room sofa.  I want to get some new vases, and make some flowers out of paper for the vases.  (I’d prefer real flowers, but again… cats.)  I also want to paint the living room and bedroom.  The only problem is that we might move in September.  So… redecorate or wait for the new place?

In New York City, apartment shopping is usually a short process.  Okay, that’s wrong actually.  The shopping is a really long process, because Craigslist is very misleading, and we don’t like using brokers, because it’s a total waste of money.  We’re diy-ers when it comes to real estate.  But once you find the place, it’s generally only two to four weeks from applying for the apartment to move in date.  You don’t find an apartment months in advance here.  You find an apartment and two weeks later you’re living there.  Or at least paying for it.

So… we want to move.  But only if we find something bigger and better.  And honestly, our current apartment is pretty great, so there’s a chance we won’t, and we’ll sign our lease for another year or two.  The main reason we want to move is that we miss living downtown, and I need some office space for my little growing business.  If we don’t find a new place with a little area for an office, then I’ll have to rent a desk somewhere.  And I really really really don’t want to do that.  I don’t have a good reason why I don’t… I just don’t.

So the question remains… redecorate and just accept that we might move in four or five months and all the effort might be for naught.  Or don’t redecorate… assume we’ll move… and then kick ourselves if we don’t move for not redecorating when we had the time.  Because our wedding is October 9th, and then with the holidays after that… if I don’t do it now, I guarantee it won’t get done this fall.  And then it will be spring again, and I’ll say… redecorate or wait to see if we move?  See?  It’s a horrible cycle.


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