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The Life List: #88 – Visit The Bronx Zoo

Done and done. Whoohoo! I accomplished something on my Life List. I feel really excited and invigorated and ready to accomplish so many more things!

The BFG and I went to the Bronx Zoo yesterday, and it was quite the adventure. The zoo was great, the animals were amazing and gorgeous and super active… but the really fun part was the subway ride there. As we rode up through the Bronx on the 2 train, a subway preacher felt the need to announce that Obama was not the true president because he was – wait for it… – born in Kenya. And that’s not all, my friends. Not only was he born in Kenya, but he’s gay. Which I think is going to come as quite a shock to poor Michelle.

People… this was not the train to be preaching that kind of stuff. And my fellow straphangers let him have it. It was the most entertaining thing I have seen in a long time. This one woman ripped into this guy like you would not believe. It made the almost hour long journey a lot more fun. Oh, and because I voted for Obama… I’m going to hell. Major bummer.

Oh yeah. The zoo! Okay, I feel weird about zoos, and I felt weird about putting this on my list. I did work at the Humane Society for several years, and I’m all about helping animals, so zoos are a very conflicting thing for me. But I heard it was a great zoo, that they do a lot for animals in the wild and are helping to protect habitats so… I wanted to go. I wanted to see some awesome animals.

And on the whole, I wasn’t disappointed. The animals looked very well taken care of, and they seemed to have lots of room to roam. The polar bear was especially entertaining, as we watched him play with a ball for about ten minutes. The only thing that made me raise my eyebrows were the camels. The pen they kept them in seemed kind of small and they were letting little kids ride them. Ehhhh… I’m not so much down with that. I mean, maybe the camels were happy. I don’t know a ton about camels. But they didn’t look very good. That was the first thing we saw when we walked in the zoo, and it made me a little nervous. But it got better from there.

So that’s one thing down and about 110 more to go. At least I am on my way! Next up: making homemade marshmallows! Stay tuned.

Some photos I took at the zoo:

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