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I Have Things to Say, Dammit

Oh my gosh… another freakin’ blog.  Obviously no one is reading this yet, and who knows when/if they will.  I’m just sending messages out into the ether right now.  Helllooooooo out there!

I’m Miss Parker.  I’m from the Southland, but now I live in New York City.  I still say “y’all” even though I’ve been here almost four years.  I hated it at first, but now I love this city more than I ever thought possible.  And aside from wanting to live in California someday for a year, I’ll probably never leave.  I live with my fiance, The Big Friendly Giant (The BFG).  He is six foot six, with a beard and tattoos.  He looks scary, but he’s basically the nicest guy to ever live.  I’m only five feet tall, so he carries me around in his pocket most of the time.  We’re getting married in October.

I love: The BFG (duh), my cats, This American Life, raspberry-vanilla lattes, taking pictures (which is what I do for a living), sweet tea (and there is only one good place to get it in Manhattan), baking, good red wine, prime lenses, being organized, my super amazing friends and family, autumn, vanilla softserve, The Yankees, road trips, and Mad Men.

I don’t love: winter, flying, carrots, wearing my contacts, when people tell me my wedding “has” to be a certain way, spiders, football, doing laundry, white wine, and people who post overly dramatic and/or passive aggressive Facebook updates for attention.

So.  Yeah.  I have some things to say, I think.  And some things to do.  And I’ll write about them here, I guess.  And* maybe if someone comes along, and they want to say hey, that could be cool.

*(I like starting sentences with “and.”  It’s a problem.)

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